Ghana might soon be experiencing shortage of tomatoes as a result of an ongoing indefinite strike by the Tomato Transporters Association.

The strike has resulted in the increase in the price of the vegetable on the market.

At the Madina market, traders lamented about the increasing price of tomatoes when Joy Business visited there.

A wholesale box of tomatoes that usually goes for GH¢450 has doubled and is now selling at GH¢1, 000.

“We always get rob en route to and from Burkina Faso. Due to this, we are unable to pay the loan we take from the banks. We therefore call on government to increase and provide security escort for the importers of tomatoes”, a disturbed tomato seller told Joy Business.

“Now the price of tomatoes have increased. And it has caused shortage in the country,” she added.

Another trader also indicated that, “the prices have shot up. One box is now going for a GH¢1000. And we don’t even have the funds to buy them. So, we plead with the government to help us”.

However worrying the situation is, the traders say they approve of the strike by the importers and transporters of tomatoes.

They however called on government for increase security on the roads to check robbery attacks.

The strike, which began on Sunday, February 7, 2021, according to the association, is due to the silence of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and other authorities on robbery attacks on their members on the various routes when going in for the produce from Burkina Faso, as well as when returning to their various destinations.