CEO of Rave Group, Ruddy Kwakye, says Ghanaian musicians are on the right path in getting their music recognised on global platforms, but they need to do more.

He stated that musicians should treat their music as a product to reach the masses worldwide.

In an interview with Joy Entertainment’s Jay Foley on Showbiz A-Z, Mr Kwakye reiterated that Ghanaian music is already plugged into the global world, and it must be taken a notch higher.

He detailed many factors for making the positive assertion during his first appearance on Saturday, October 16.

Ruddy noted, “we are already doing something”. 

Touching briefly on why he believed the creative industry has ‘cheat code’, he acknowledged the efforts of Grammy-nominated Ghanaian artiste Rocky Dawuni, who was a guest on the show, and further said “whatever it is that we’re doing, we need to double down on it”.

He emphasised on the need to take a critical look at all aspects of the music business, from publishing to merchandising and even sales.

Throwing more light on the subject, he advised musicians to quit lamenting but rather sell their music to the world as any serious sales person would do with their product.

He said, “treat it as a product and get it out there in front of people”.

Rocky Dawuni who had shared a lot of secrets to global success on the same programme buttressed the point saying “the beginning of you transforming your profile into a business starts with once you are there”.

He further mentioned that streams were not enough but all other possible ways of monetizing one’s craft.

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