The Pro Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Student Affairs, Professor Gordon A. Awandare, has defended the University’s decision to suspend the Hall Master and Senior Tutor of the Commonwealth Hall.

On Monday, the Management of the University of Ghana suspended the Hall Master and Senior Tutor of the Commonwealth Hall for their inaction that caused the clash between residents of their hall and those in Mensah Sarbah Hall.

According to the Management, the two did not exhibit sufficient willingness and ability to hold students of the hall accountable for their actions in the recent violent clashes.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Midday News on Tuesday, Prof Awandare stated that the decision is fair.

“The University Council is made of 20 eminent Ghanaians who have been appointed by government and other stakeholders of the university. It will interest you to know that the Council of the University of Ghana is chaired by a former Chief Justice so these decisions were not taken arbitrarily, it is based on the fact that was put before the Council,” he explained.

According to him, the decision to suspend the two was reached because they did not “exhibit sufficient willingness to cooperate with investigations and to hold the students accountable.”

When asked if the University had established that the students were indeed Commonwealth Hall residents and the Hall masters were adamant to release them, Prof Awandare replied that “everybody knows that the students who went to Sarbah Hall and engaged in the clash, moved back into Commonwealth Hall holding the bust of Mensah Sarbah and the Hall authorities have no idea that this happened?”

“Does that demonstrate confidence that they are in control of the Hall and being able to help facilitate the process of identifying the culprits?” he quizzed.

He went on to say that to proceed with investigations into the clash, Hall authorities are needed to cooperate “so if they are not cooperating then we are saying that simply give the opportunity for others to come so that they can cooperate with the investigation.”  

Meanwhile, residents of the Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana are peeved by the decision to suspend their Hall Master and Senior Tutor.

Commenting on the development, Prof Awandare noted that the University cannot condone indiscipline and violence on campus.

According to him, there are procedures for students to air their grievances if not happy with a decision taken by Management instead of starting a riot.