A committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor to find three new Provosts for the University of Ghana has been asked to continue their work in spite of the committee being rocked with conflict of interest allegations.

The Vice Chancellor set up a committee to find replacements for three Provosts positions which become vacant at the end of July.

The first chairman of the committee, Reverend Professor Emeritus Seth Aryeetey resigned from his role citing suspicions that some people may be trying to influence the committee in its work.

According to JoyNews sources, the Chairmanship of the committee was passed to Prof Francis Dodoo who, in turn, passed it on to Prof Kwesi Addo, a member of the committee.

Subsequent to this, some 27 members of the Academic Board wrote to the Vice-Chancellor to request a special academic board meeting to discuss the issues raised arguing it affects the credibility of the University.

This comes at the back of the establishment of a collegiate system in the University in 2014 to help in the decentralisation of administration of the University.

The four colleges established were College of Humanities, College of Health Sciences, College of Education and College of Basic and Applied Sciences.

The heads of these colleges are the Provosts and are part of the most senior management members of the University and are appointed to serve on a four-year basis.

All of the Provosts for these colleges, except that of the College of Humanities will have their tenure expire at the end of July and new personnel appointed.

JoyNews sources further reveal, the Vice-Chancellor organised the Academic Board committee meeting but has still asked the committee that has been said to be filled with people who are conflicted to continue.

This is something some senior members of the University are not happy about and complaining it could stain the credibility of the University’s appointments process.

The senior members are, however, questioning the decision of the Academic Board of including several individuals with inherent conflicts of interest with one candidate or another and what had been done with respect to the serious concerns raised by the resigned chairman of the Search Committee.