Managers of the national biometric payment platform, the e-zwich have defended the viability of the platform, dismissing criticisms that it is a failure.

Joy Business’ George Wiafe who has been assessing the platform reported that, set up more than three years ago by the Bank of Ghana, e-zwich was meant to be a secure electronic platform for Ghanaians to pay for goods and services and thereby reduce the dependence on cash.

Patronage by the public however appears rather low with most people unaware of its existence.

Many people Joy Business spoke to on the streets know virtually nothing about the e-zwich.

This is despite the heavy investment into massive advertising campaigns by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems, (GhIPSS).

Very little is however now heard about the e-zwich on the various media platforms.

But the head of Project Development and Business Development at GhIPSS, Archie Hesse says they are now concentrating on rolling out more point of sales where subscribers can use their cards, and be less on aggressive advertising.

He further explained that more than half a million subscribers have signed up to the platform with more of them increasingly relying on it for especially cash withdrawals and remittances.

Three years after its establishment however, it will only be prudent that a stock take is done. Such an exercise would not only help bring out the lessons but also provide an opportunity for the injection of more vibrancy.

Source: Joy Business/Ghana