A video of the trainer of Freedom Jacob Caesar’s tigers playing with the mammals has surfaced, barely a day after some Ridge residents accused him of putting their lives in danger.

In the video, the trainer is seen issuing commands to one of the tigers in a cage.

“Let’s go; roll on, roll on, yes! Come on let’s go; roll this way, roll, yehh!” these are commands he issued, which were obeyed by the tiger in what seemed to be a friendly engagement between them.

While playing with one, the other tiger walks unconcerned from one end of the fenced structure to another, with a lack of interest.

“You see how sociable they are; they’d welcome you alright, I will touch them, I hold them, I hold their tales, they would say ‘hello’ to me, we’d go there, we play ball and they are okay,” the trainer said.

This comes after some residents of Wonda World Estates, near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, expressed worry over the presence of the two tigers in the estate believed to be owned by the business mogul.

The presence of the tigers, according to the residents, is making them unsafe.

But the owner has refuted the claims, saying the rationale behind owning the seven-month-old predators was to promote tourism in the country and not meant to harm anyone.

He says they were not harmful to the residents as he has put in place, adequate security so they do not harm anyone.

Meanwhile, the Police has initiated steps to remove the two tigers from the private residence.

The Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission has been asked to undertake the task in order to provide respite to the community’s residents.