Vodafone Foundation has partnered Novartis, a global medicines company, and the Coalition of Sickle Cell Association of NGOs to mark World Sickle Cell Day 2020.

The partnership is aimed at increasing public knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease.

A number of activities including blood donation exercise and Sickle Cell Disease Screening at the Southern Zonal Blood Centre, Korle-Bu, a virtual tree planting exercise for fallen warriors, a donation to Sickle Cell Clinic, and a tour to the Vodafone Healthline Centre were lined up to commemorate the day.

Amaris Nana A. Perbi, the Foundation and Sustainability Lead, Vodafone Ghana, said the partnership is part of Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s commitment to health and focus on life-transforming initiatives to give every Ghanaian the chance to live a healthy and productive life.

“Vodafone Foundation is passionate about ensuring every Ghanaian is in good health. To mark this important day, World Sickle Day 2020, we decided to partner Novartis, the Coalition of NGOs in Ghana to help combat the disease.

“We have dedicated our pioneering Healthline Centre to clear the myths associated with the disease. We are keen on letting people know the truth about the disease”.

On her part, Executive Director of GNS foundation, Sandy Amponsah Ayivor, commended Vodafone for the support, “We coming together as an association has been massive and the support of Vodafone is been awesome. I am so impressed with Vodafone’s support especially with the Vodafone Call Centre.

“It baffles me to see a telecommunications company take it upon itself to have a team of professional doctors dedicated to assisting every Ghanaian having a health condition with just a phone call. On behalf of the coalition, I want to give them a thumbs up for this initiative. “

She added, “It is a good move and they have to be applauded for it. We hope that the foundation will always be on board. We also want to use this opportunity to call on other corporate bodies and individuals to support this cause”.

Speaking on the readiness of the Vodafone Healthline Centre to provide education on Sickle Cell Disease and empower people to make informed life choices, Dr Bright Asamoah, Clinical Director of the Vodafone Healthline Call Centre added, “This is part of our contribution at the Vodafone Health Centre, we are available to educate the general public on the Sickle cell disease.

“We are on standby to give out our professional knowledge and expertise of the disease from 8 am to 8 pm. We believe that educating people of the disease will help individuals with the condition to better take care of themselves.

“Also, people without the condition can prevent getting it, and more importantly, to educate people against stigmatizing people with the condition.

He said the Vodafone call Centre is available to educate everyone from all walks of life. Call 255 and get the best information on Sickle Cell, Covid-19, and other health condition.