Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation, Amaris Nana Adjei Perbi has revealed that the Foundation has impacted 8.5 million lives across the country.

He revealed this at an annual review session with the media in Accra. The assessment meeting created a platform for the Foundation to evaluate its performance in the past and make projections for the year 2022.

Interacting with journalists, Mr Perbi stated that the foundation made remarkable strides in the areas of health, education, technology and the social sector. 

He said that the Foundation has made a tremendous impact on the lives of women in our various communities.

“The foundation supported thousands of women on the Rural Ultrasound Scan project. Another significant project is our Healthfest initiative where we have our health on wheels. So, we come into various communities that people wouldn’t want to go and live in, those areas that do not have access to medical services.

“We go there and we make sure that we serve with our pharmaceuticals, the doctors help us to administer and also check the health status of the various people that we encounter,” he said. 

We have impacted over 8.5 million lives so far - Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation

“Also, we serve them with the National Health Insurance cards for free and with this, we have provided medical care to about 40,000 individuals.

“Additionally, 30,000 people have benefited from our Healthline Medical Centre where our in-house doctors pick calls to ensure they give consultation to people who need medical attention,” he said. 

Commenting on the Instant Schools, an e-learning platform launched to provide millions of young people in Africa with free access to online learning materials, Mr Perbi said 24,000 students benefited from the programme. 

Last year, the foundation launched the Kindred Partnership which opens the platform for every person in Ghana or entity to come on board to partner with Vodafone Ghana Foundation in the quest to make more impact. And through this, the foundation has supported  20,000 young men and women. 

Speaking on technology, he said, “We have also launched ICT hubs across the country in partnership with the Ghana Library Authority and we’ve been able to establish over four libraries in various communities in the past.  Furthermore, we are going to do more in this coming year with more collaborations.”

Vodafone Ghana Foundation in the previous year engaged Viamo to improve lives via mobile.

In an interview, the Product Manager, Nura Abdul-Rahman said the unique service offers customers free access to information on their favourite topics such as news, agriculture, sexual and reproductive health, weather or edutainment shows.

We have impacted over 8.5 million lives so far - Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation

Vodafone customers are therefore entreated to dial 321 to access this service. 

Clinical Director of Vodafone Healthline, Dr Byrite Asamoah said his outfit will extend healthcare services to deprived communities. 

“We realise that there are a lot of communities that have health facilities that, should I say, the unfortunate side of health inequality in that they have deprived doctors. And they also do not have the health resources that would be probably if we find in Accra.

“So we’re looking to extend our services to them so that they can be able to at least call into the call center and have a doctor help them manage their cases. We feel this would actually help improve the health outcomes in those areas.” 

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