Executive Director of the Volta Business Development Forum says the Region is lagging behind in terms of development despite the human and natural resources.

Daniel Dzegede said it is time those who hail from there change the status quo and move forward in the development of the Region.

He made the comment at a meeting which aimed to discuss the way forward in development for the region.

Also present at the meeting on Friday was the Deputy Regional Minister, Reverend Johnson Avuletey.

According to Mr Dzegede, there is a need for all stakeholders to come together and help boost businesses in the region hence the need to form the group.

The Volta Region Business Forum aims to spearhead the developmental issues of the region.

“The region has been under the mercy of politicians for decades and it is time change is brought to the region, hence the formation of this group. The group cannot allow politicians to dictate what happens in the region without the necessary development,” he said.

“We have to see to the development needs of the region because enough is enough,” he added.

He appealed to the Volta Regional Coordinating Council to help the group achieve its set goals and mission for the region.

He said the vision of the forum is to seek to attain conducive sustainable development in the region with the help of all committed put in place.

“Volta Region is microcosm of Ghana. The region has much potential and is a blessed region,” he said.

He pleaded with everyone to come on board with investment to develop the region.

Rev. Avuletey urged the group to work hard devoid of selfish interest and partisanship to be able to push state actors to understand the needs of the Volta Region as far as development is concerned.

“I expect more from the group; let’s leave partisan politics and develop the region,” Rev Avuletey said.

Kofi Kludzeson commended the ruling government for the great job done in the region so far and has urged them to do more for the region.