Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa, has called out leaders of the nation’s security apparatus for what he believes is a failure to handle issues concerning disturbances in the Volta Region by the Homeland Study Group Foundation professionally and as a matter of urgency.

He asserts that the reason for which Security Forces have refused to directly address and update the general public on developments in relation to the matter is that, the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, who is also the head of the National Security Council, has failed to openly show support to the Forces.

“I believe that the President is not being advised or given the full details of what is going on” he explained.

Speaking on Joy News’ AM Show on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Mr. Bonaa also accused the Attorney General as “equally guilty as the President” for acquitting the leader of the Homeland Study Group Foundation, Mr. Charles Kwame Kudzordzi, widely referred to as Papavi, in December 2019, when he unlawfully declared the Volta Region a sovereign state.

“As we speak, have we heard anywhere that there is an Interpol red alert issued on the head of Papavi?

Have we also heard that there is a court warrant seeking public information on the whereabouts of Papavi?” he quizzed.

The Safety Expert further suggested that National Security boss, Mr. Albert Kan-Dapaah should be dismissed for the display of ineptitude towards dealing with culprits and restoring calm to the Volta Region.

“Ghana is at war with these people, whiles the National Security Minister, who they [the secessionists] know is so docile and probably doesn’t know his work, is still in office.

Government should have already brought in someone who could have the full backing of the Security setup” he said.

Mr. Bonaa then turned to condemn what he suggests is dereliction on the part of the Speaker of Parliament towards “calling an emergency session of parliament” to find solutions to the state of ongoing affairs in the Volta Region.

“In any case, we have parliamentarians in the affected areas, and in a serious country, the Speaker of Parliament would have called for an emergency session with the Members of Parliament for these areas, to which they will have given a full briefing to the general public.

Same goes for the National Security Ministers, they should have given us firsthand accounts of happenings in the Region” he said.

Following the Police and Military’s refusal to openly address the media on ongoing disruptions caused by the rebel secessionist group, Homeland Study Group Foundation, Mr. Bonaa maintained that “these four persons are together guilty when it comes to the way National Security issues in the country are being dealt with”.

What happened?

The separatist group in the early hours of Friday, September 25, 2020, blocked major entries into the Volta Region claiming independence as “Western Togoland”.

The secessionists also attacked the Aveyime and Mepe Police Stations in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region.

Thirty-One people were arrested and flown to the offices of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) office in Accra for questioning into happenings in the region.

Latest Development

The 31-arrested persons have been slapped with five charges by state prosecutors at an Accra Circuit court.

The charges relate to conspiracy to commit crime namely to attend a meeting of the prohibited organisation, to participate in a campaign of a prohibited organisation and rioting with weapons.