Senior Specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) has revealed that the facility is well equipped and prepared to deliver babies safely ; whether the mothers are cornonavirus positive or negative.

“We have been anticipating delivering babies during the pandemic because the disease does not select. People who are pregnant will come with it and people who are not pregnant will also come,” Dr Jacob K. D Amoatwo said on Joy FM’s Ultimate Health Show, Sunday.

“Once we heard that the disease is in Ghana, we started preparing and UGMC was earmarked for treatment of Covid patients, including pregnant women,” he added.

The obstetrician also disclosed that some training has been done for medical staff to prepare them to deliver babies cautiously at UGMC.

“We took some training on top of our skills and also since we’ve been doing this, we just needed to add the wearing of the PPEs to do the regular jobs we’ve been doing.

“We have the capacity to do that [deliver babies] because it is just an additional precaution you have to take.

“In fact, infection prevention has always been with us. So you know how not to contract the disease while taking care of somebody who is suffering from that disease,” he said.