Award winning gospel rap group Preachers claim they cannot perform at the night club to win souls for Christ until they receive a directive from God.

The group made up of Edmund, Emmanuel and Obed say though they project the teaching of Jesus Christ, it is challenging to gain acceptance even in the church.

“Gravitating toward change is quite difficult. We are talking rap, not normal worship. In church you fade your sides, you put on an earring (as a man), it is frowned upon.

"Imagine hip-hop creeping into the church people will observe us, so it is incumbent on us to live a certain lifestyle that won’t get people saying we told you so,” the leader of the group said.

The Preachers told MzGee they seize every platform including secular stages to preach about Christ to the youth who are their target audience. They, however, cannot see themselves performing in the night clubs.

“We’ve been on several platforms, we’ve shared platforms with EL, Sarkodie and the rest so we do not miss out on an opportunity to be a blessing to anyone.

"Having said that we are Christians first then rappers, so it is incumbent on us to live a certain lifestyle so we do not neglect that”.

“We move by the spirit and we pray a lot for God's direction. You will preach to them in the clubs and it might not go down but if God says go there, it means there are two or three people he needs to touch there,” he said. 

Over the years, many gospel artiste including Herty Bongreat, Gifty Osei, Lady Prempeh and recently Nacee have collaborated with secular artiste but for rappers Preachers, it is not feasible.

“Just like the secular artiste will do, we have a management team so first we will deal with physical things after passing through all that then your gospel nature has to come through.

"As a group, we understand the value or import of collaborating with someone like M.anifest or Sarkodie, they are big, your music gets everywhere but we are Christians first,” he added.

The group is currently promoting its new single, 'Above' and also relaunching its clothing line, 'Bibles Up'.