The deputy director of the Environmental Protection Agency is calling for a concerted budgetary allocation towards climate change mitigation.

Ghana has put forward mitigation and adaptation actions in its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution. The country will need $22.4 billion to finance.

Government is to mobilise $1.6 billion including existing public investments. Some sectors have already submitted proposals for foreign aids.

Dr Amoah, however, believes Ghana’s reliance on donor funding is not ingenious. He was speaking at climate information services in Ghana workshop in Kumasi.

“You cannot depend on donor funding to drive home some of these important issues especially when you connect these actions with developments.

“If truly we see these actions as development, then there should be a high national budgetary interest to make sure the money that is needed is mobilized.

“There should be some conscious effort by national government or systems to support otherwise we may not be able to achieve what is expected,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amoah reveals the EPA will soon complete a document on the investment plans to help the sectors mobilize funding.

“Work on the investment plans is almost completed. It’s yet be published,” he noted.

The workshop was under the theme, “Mainstreaming climate information for resilient Agricultural systems to support Sustainable Development in Ghana.”

The one-day workshop brought together stakeholders in the climate space.

Provost of the College of Science, KNUST, Prof. Leonard Kofitse Amekudzi believes the recent erratic weather have made the meeting crucial

“The goal is to build resilient agricultural systems in the face of the changing rainfall and temperature patterns. This workshop provides a great opportunity to learn,” he said.

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