Kofi Koranteng at the 2020 Presidential Debate held at UPSA

A presidential aspirant in the upcoming elections says a government does not need more than 10 ministries to run the affairs of a country.

Kofi Koranteng who was speaking at a presidential debate organised by IMANI Ghana and JoyNews, said having many ministries does not necessarily make the government an effective one.

“Efficiency is what gives you effectiveness. Because we are coming in with a science-based, data-driven, human-centred government we know exactly what needs to be done,” Mr Koranteng said.

A number of Ghanaians and CSOs have criticised the size of Akufo-Addo’s government made up of over 110 ministries and their deputies.

The presidential aspirant, when voted into power, would introduce new portfolios like the Special Development Initiative, Regional Re-organisation, Sanitation and Water Resources and Zongo among others.

In 2017 President Akufo-Addo had a government made up of 110 ministers. However, after the creation of the six new regions, the number shot up to 123 after the various Regional Ministers and their deputies were appointed.

Mr Koranteng stated that when given the chance to be president he will run a “skin tight” government that will have only 10 ministries.

These ministries are Agriculture, Energy, Employment, Entrepreneurial development, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Health, Interior, Trade and Industry and Justice ministries.

He explained that it is important for people to elect a leadership structure that applies a science-based, data-driven and human-centred consciousness to the way things are done “because life moves by principle.”

“After witnessing on numerous occasions governments of the NPP and the NDC, they cannot be trusted to run the county,” Mr Koranteng added.

“Let us scrap the ridiculousness of the NDC and NPP. We have seen what they have done, they are killing us. Literally … Ghana, we are at a crossroads. This is our moment in destiny and we need to make great things happen” he said passionately.