Dreams FC returned to training this week

The Administrative Manager of Dreams FC, Ameenu Shardow, has revealed that the club could not pay the salaries of its players because of coronavirus pandemic.

The 2019/20 Ghana Premier League season started with huge promise but in March, had to be suspended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ghana.

Three months later, the season was cancelled after long discussions by members of the Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association.

All Ghana Premier League clubs were negatively affected during this difficult period and Shardow, in his interview on the Joy Sports Link on Saturday, stated that players did not and are still not receiving wages.

“We have not paid salaries to players during the Covid-19 period. We do not have the money to pay, that is the simple truth. Even FIFA realized that there is a problem and that is why they brought the Covid Relief Fund.

We had a discussion [with the players] about it. One big thing about Dreams FC is that we operate the club on a corporate line but as a family. When we are happy and we have the resources, everybody enjoys and they know it. We are vey open with that,” he told Hans Mensah Andoh.

“Where there are difficulties also, people are aware. In fact the people [players] were drawn towards the difficulties and were trying to find solutions to make the club stay afloat so for us and I’m sure it cuts across many clubs, even the superpowers. In fact, we are still in this period. We are now trying to come out of a very testing period.”

Shardow noted that this period has taught the club to prepare for future occurrences.

“But it also taught us a lot of lessons as a club that we can’t continue to operate this way. We have to operate in such a way that [we prepare for] future occurrences. It has really changed the way we see our business going forward.”

The new Ghana Premier League season has been scheduled to start on 13th November.