Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Scientific Settlement Studies at KNUST says other modes of transport must be employed in the country in order to reduce traffic congestion.

Prof. Rudith King said other modes such as the use of trains, can be employed to reduce the number of vehicles that ply the country’s roads.

“In places like New York and others, they have other modes of transport but we have the road network alone.

“So one of the ways is to diversify the transportation modes and that is why the railway service is currently ongoing,” she said.

Her comments come as part of discussions on how traffic congestion can be reduced in cases of emergency.

President Akufo-Addo who was recently elected as the Chair of the ECOWAS community is expected to meet some dignitaries from the African continent to discuss matters on the Mali crisis, among other issues.

As a result, some roads will be temporarily closed and this is likely to increase traffic on various roads in the country.

She said this situation could’ve been avoided if there were other modes of transportation in the country that would help reduce the pressure on the existing road network.

“So if we can have different modes too, to divert the traffic a little bit and create different avenues, then we will reduce the pressure,” she said.