Security analyst Adam Bonaa has said there is a need for some changes in the country’s security structure.

Speaking on JoyNews, he noted that there is a need for the country’s security structure to be updated to help curb the crimes.

“At the moment, the structure has not undergone any changes, if you could remember, I think 2018, the crime rate went up and we had operation ‘Calm Life’ re-launched and that actually brought the crime rate in this country down,” he said.

“Motorbikes were quickly procured for our police officers to be able to patrol through some areas that the patrol vehicles could not go,” he added.

He noted that when the country took that initiative, the “criminals actually had to take two steps back to re-look at their strategy and if we had carried out, probably that would have reduced the crime rate considerably as we talk, but we haven’t done that”.

According to him, if those in charge of national security could come up with some changes, possibly a similar plan as the ‘Operation Calm Life’ it will go a long way in the fight as the December elections approach.

“I am waiting to see probably the security sector coming out with a blueprint to tell us that they are bringing back that operation or re-launch the third phase as well as stating the resources they are putting in going into 2020,” he said.

Mr Bonah also hinted that once the criminal see an improvement in the security system, they withdraw and the security agencies would have won the psychological aspect of the fight.

“You put in one or two things in place and the criminals would have to re-look their strategy…it helps you to buy time, crimes are taking place and it looks like we have lost it,” he stressed.