The Gold Fields Limited (Gold Fields) has offered to partner relevant stakeholders to provide adequate support to victims of the Apeatse explosion.

At least 13 persons have died while 59 others have sustained various degrees of injury following the Thursday incident which levelled several homes and rendered dozens of residents homeless.

A collision between a vehicle carrying mining explosives and a motorbike resulted in deep cracks in the middle of the main road and blocked vehicular movement.

“Gold Fields Limited (Gold Fields) expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the explosion at Apeatse, near Bogoso in the Western Region, the community and all those who have been affected by this tragedy.”

We’re ready to work with stakeholders to provide support to Apeatse community – Gold Fields

“We are saddened by the disaster and have noted the devastating effect the explosion has had in the community. We offer our support to authorities and the people of the community. We are ready to assist in any way we can,” acting Executive Vice President and Head of West Africa, Joshua Mortoti said in a statement.

Gold Fields added that it will also “work with its peers in the Ghana Chamber of Mines to provide collective support to the community of Apeatse.”

Gold Fields Ghana has mobilised a number of resources, including tents, food and equipment to support the relief activities on the ground.

“Our medical teams have also offered to assist,” the statement dated January 21, 2022 added.

Meanwhile, it has debunked earlier assumptions that suggested that the truck carrying the explosives heading for the Gold Fields Tarkwa mine.

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