From March 9, every Saturday of the month has been designated as a super discount day exclusively for those working in Accra’s corporate community, West Hills Mall’s management announced.

On the said days, certain shops at the Mall will offer discounts and deals exclusively to these employees while the Centre serenades the shoppers with a variety of exceptional entertainment activities, including cultural and live band performances.

The ‘Corporate Saturday’ campaign has been introduced to give recognition to the efforts of corporate workers and particularly to offer them the opportunity of fully enjoying discretionary discounts and deals from their favourite shops at West Hills Mall.

Kobby Ampong, Acting Marketing Manager at the Mall said that a large number of corporate institutions based in Accra are already lined up to take advantage of the special shopping experience offered by the initiative.

“In addition to all the variety entertainment and giveaways that will go to individual corporate employees, we have set aside a special prize for the institution whose employees eventually make the most prominent showing during the month.

“That institution would receive the ‘West Hills Mall Corporate Institution of the Year’ Trophy and shall be presented with assorted gift items,” said Ampong.

He explained that, until March 30, employees of corporate institutions are expected to sign up for the Corporate Saturday campaign on the Mall website to take advantage of the good deals.

A special gift of shopping vouchers and giveaway items have been reserved for the first 50 corporate employees to sign in at the shopping centre on Saturday, mall officials have disclosed.

Mr. Ampong said the general ambience and the shopping experience at the mall on Corporate Saturdays would be unique because of the specially themed packages of a variety of entertainment activities. 

March 16, has been dedicated as a Family Day with children getting a discounted access to the mall’s Children’s playground and the School of Performing Arts hosting Children at an Ananse storytelling session at the mall’s Pom-Pom Library.

March 23 and 30 are respectively dedicated to an aerobic session for patrons and a special food market at the centre’s Food Court.