It’s always good to investigate a land you want to acquire and construct a building on it, a former director of the Geological Survey Authority, John Adjei Duodu has disclosed.

According to him, building on a land which is not certified by the Geological Survey Authority could be very disastrous.

“You got the loan, you bought the land and also got the materials to start building, but the ground on which you will build the structure is not strong. What have you achieved, you may lose your life and family”.

“In Ghana, the building codes are there like every other country, the laws are there but the enforcements are different. This building code depends on research; that is soil data, rock data and so many other geological data because the earth is a geological object and without the data you will not be able to tell whether the land is good”, Mr. Duodu further said.

“Also, the geological formation of district A is different from district B”, he added.

“What’s important is that there has to be enforcement. If you are constructing a building–one story, two story and above– there is a need to know what is in the ground”, he added.