Wilmar Africa Limited, producers of Frytol Vegetable Oil and Fortune Rice wins the Agro-based Business of the Year’2020 at the just ended Chartered Institute of Marketing’s 32nd National Marketing Performance Awards Night.

This award is in recognition of the contribution of the Business towards the Agro-Processing sector of the Ghanaian economy. Wilmar Africa Limited remains committed to a sustainable and responsible approach on how its agricultural food products are manufactured, distributed and consumed.

Wilmar Africa Limited wins CIMG Agro-Processing Business for the year

Guided by the internally couched ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, first launched by the global team in 2013 and updated in 2019, Wilmar Africa strives to protect the environment, prioritize people and human rights, and fulfil owned responsibility to consumers and the marketplace.

The Business’ strategy of building an integrated agricultural and food business has proven its effectiveness in achieving long-term sustainable growth, despite fluctuations from time to time.

Wilmar Africa continues to expand its operations in Ghana, through the siting of new plants in existing locations and new complexes across new sites.

It aims to develop high growth and complementary businesses that caters to a wider range of culinary needs of the Ghanaian consumer. Wilmar Africa believes that it will be able to build a very strong agro and food company only with the support of its loyal consumers, whilst providing the Ghanaian community employment opportunities in the country.

Wilmar Africa Limited will continue to support its Benso Oil Palm plantation in the Western Region where the Oil Business sources about 40% of its raw materials through sustainable Agricultural practices and environmental controls.

The processing of agro products are under strict hygienic conditions to offer consumers, a high-quality product under the trusted generational brand, Frytol. Wilmar Africa Limited is leading the way, in the FMCG industry in Ghana when it comes to the provision of Culinary products in every household.