Sticking to safety, standards over 20yrs had defined us - Jonmoore International CEO

Sticking to safety, standards over 20yrs had defined us - Jonmoore International CEO
Source: Ghana| |Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 21-11-2018 Time: 09:11:16:pm
Hilton John Mitchell, CEO of Jonmoore International Ltd

The CEO of transport and logistics company, Jonmoore International Ltd, has credited the company’s over two decades success to sticking to safety and standards.

Hilton John Mitchell said in the transport and logistics industry, such attributes are key to keep one’s client happy and continue to be in business.

He said this at the media launch of the 20th-anniversary celebration of Jonmoore International Ltd, in Accra on Tuesday.

According to him, although Jonmoore International does not have a lot of clients, the magic has been giving the client the best service, being there for them all the time, good pricing and execution strategy.

“The most important thing for us is being safe in the execution of your services. One of the things we pride ourselves for is that, as we built our capacity in safety and standard we have also built our capacity in compliances to the standard of execution of services.

“So, we have a zero tolerance to corruption, anti-bribery and it is part of our standards, which is what keeps good clients around,” Mr Mitchell said.

He continued that because of this, their clients “have taken us everywhere they have gone to. We have a client that we have worked on all 13 of their sites all over West Africa. We don’t have a very large clientele base but 99.9 percent of our clients have been with us for at least over 15 years.”

Starting the business in 1998 with few vehicles, the company today boasts of a diverse fleet including prime movers with a pulling capacity of up to 140 tons, out-of-gauge cargo bulk tankers, low loaders with a maximum capacity of 140 tons, small load rigids and 4x4 pick-ups.

The elated CEO said with the country oil discovery and new other things coming up, the company is positioning itself to take advantage of it.

“We are especially concentrating on bringing the right strategy in implementing our services for the sector,” he said.

For his part, the Board Chair of the company, Fred Oware, praised the CEO and the staff for their hard work and going the extra mile to please their clients.  

“This is one company which works like a hospital or the media house, at any call from their client and they are out there to solve their problem; no matter what it takes, the time or the weather.

“That kind of attitude gives me confidence that we will survive into the future,” he said.

According to him, this gives an assurance to their clients, partners and other stakeholders that they will be there for them in the future as their businesses grow.

He touched on the enabling environment government has provided for logistics company like Jonmoore International to thrive.  

Mr Oware said the company has positioned itself to take advantage of government’s efforts to improve the country’s railway system.

The CEO of Ecobank Ghana Limited, Dan Sackey, lauded Jonmoore International’s consistency and trust for “20 years of solid partners and collaborations.” 

“As you chart a new path, we commit to renew this partnership, be a better partner to grow your business and to support your partnership in working,” he said.