Title: Rhythms Through Time

Powerful, inspiring poems

Title: Rhythms Through Time

Poet: Adebayo Abidemi Zainab

Publisher: OAK Initiative

Reviewer: Isaac Aidoo

“TIME is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”- “Geoffrey Chaucer”.

In this collection entitled ‘Rhythms Through Time’ written by Adebayo Abidemi Zainab, was expressed in a way to inspire the readers thoughts through creativity of the power of words.

The poet successfully explained the fact that our existence on earth is a phase, there is no time to waste time. This 2022 publication of OAK initiative, the publishing arm of OAK foundation a charity organization aimed at supporting indigent students, widows and the fatherless in Africa, offers the readers 50 poems that plumb the depths of human nature through its belief, attitudes and behaviors, courage and desires.

Through this collection, from ‘Boy and Man to Illusion’, Adebayo Abidemi Zainab presents her poetic voice to the themes of ‘Time’, ‘Humanity’, ‘Moment’, ‘Change’ and ‘Virtue’.

The 50 poems which are extraordinary powerful and inspiring, are as follows: Mortality; There is a Place; Thoughts; Inside my Head; Thought-mare; Thinking about the Past; The Mind; What’s on your Mind? Born with wonder; Finding Wonder; The Real Magic; No Place for Shame; The +*poison of Shame; The light of Hope; Shinning Bright; Light your Way; Liberty; Pain; Wisdom is; A Slow Discover.

Others are: A Man of Honour; Beauty as you are; Imagination; The Creative; The Spark Inside of You; Clouds; Nature’s Delights; What Love is; How Time Slips; In the Passage of Time; I will be back home; Mother wants to play you; The child of many years; Being a Dad; Home; Motivation; The Fire; Heat and Glow; Virtue; Kindness; Kindness is More; Groaning; Bravery is Hard; What is forgiveness; I’ll be there; Happiness; Two sides; Joyful Harmony; Is there a God.

‘Mortality’, has been explained by the poet to open the minds of the readers to reality. Written in free verse, one stanza and twelve lines to expresses the view of the author. Mortality is sure to happen to every man but the time is different to everyone.

It’s true that when you’re young and strong/ it’s hard to think about death/But it comes for everyone, my friend. It’ best for us t face reality that no matter how long we could live on earth, death will come at its expected time.

The poem in this collection titled, ‘How Time Slips’ shows that Adebayo Abidemi expressed her poetic voice for us to face reality. A free verse, one stanza and twelve lines poem, giving a deeper meaning of time as a treasure we must value and be one of the goals towards our achievement. Time is not only fleeting/ It is relentless/ It waits for no one; It cares not at we do.

The poem titled ‘Is there a God’ Written in two stanzas and sixteen lines. The poet exposed the thoughts of some readers who might doubt the existence of God. The truth explained in the poem is that He is the all-knowing and all-powerful to know what goes on in the mind, from the beginning to the end.

The first stanza of the poem was expressed in form of soliloquy, the poet voiced out her thoughts and coming into the conclusion that there is a God that supersedes all things.

The 50 beautiful poems in this collection, arranged tenderly and creatively captivating manner to inspire people to understand the different phases of life and to note that it will pass away with time.

Rhythmic structure could be used more often. The poems could also be written in short stanzas so as to give the reader some minutes to meditate and flow with the thoughts of the author. Imagery forms of expression ca be used by the poet.

I am more than inspired and wowed by the powerful and strong voice of the poet. Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s ‘Rhythms Through Time’ is a recommended handbook for everyone to explore the depths of the realities of life.