Two friends have been sentenced to prison by the Bole District Magistrate court for stealing a TVS motorbike with registration number M-19-NR- 2674.

The prosecutor of this case, Inspector Sina Benah, in his statement to the court said, Osman Sulemana, 25, and Haruna Sulemana, 22, conspired and stole a TVS motorbike belonging to a retired civil servant in Bole and rode it towards Bole-Sawla highway.

The mechanic and ex-convict who just finished serving his prison term in November last year were chased by a neighbour of the owner of the motorbike and later arrested them help of a passer-by.

He said the two were handed over to the Bole police together with the motorbike.

Osman Mahama pleaded guilty while Haruna Mahama the ex-convict pleaded not guilty.

The Bole District Magistrate court presided by His Lordship Andrew Prince Cudjoe charge the two friends on four counts.

  1. Conspiracy to cause crime
  2. Causing damage
  3. Stealing and
  4. Assualt of the neighbor.

The ex-convict Haruna Sulemana has been sentenced to 36 months imprisonment whilst Osman Sulemana has been charged to sign a bond of good behavior.

He is also to compensate the neighbour with an amount of ¢1000 and the owner of the motorbike ¢400 in default serve 12 months imprisonment.