Playing in her first international tournament at the 2019 World Junior and Cadet Circuit her in Accra, Augustina Baidoo showed that the future holds bright for her.

In the Junior Girls teams event, she beat Nandeshwaree Jalim of Mauritius 3-2 (11-13, 11-9, 11-9, 9-11, 11-8) even though her team lost to the mixed team of Nandeshwaree Jalim and Diya Parag Chitale.

She joined forces with colleague Matilda Fodu to beat the pair of Davina Luzogo and Gloria Diano of the Democratic Republic of Congo 3-0 to secure the bronze medal for Ghana in the Junior girls team event. 

“Coming into this tournament, I was well prepared, but I’ve come to meet stronger players from Nigeria, England and India. Playing against them is quite different. Their movements behind the table are unique and they play different styles from what I experience here at home” Augustina Baidoo said.

She is not bothered much about not winning an individual medal but she is taking note of what others are playing and learning from them.

“I am extremely delighted with my performance so far. Coming into this competition I was fully prepared and with the hope of winning a medal. I have won one medal in the team event and even though I was not able to get any medal in the individual event, I am happy my president brought this tournament here for us to learn new things.”

Her aspirations are high, likewise that of all her colleagues.

“We pray that we will play in many more competitions here in Africa and if possible get the opportunity to travel and play outside because when I played with the foreigners I realized I was able to match them but at critical moments I lost points because they are very knowledgeable in the game. This is our first international tournament and we are not used to the style of the foreigners” Augustina Baidoo

“I will change my training schedule and train five times a week now since I need to keep myself in shape for future competitions” Augustina Baidoo.

Following the conclusion of the World Juniors and Cadet championships on Friday, Augustina Baidoo will focus on the African championships. She will compete in the mixed doubles with her twin brother Augustine Baidoo.