The European Union (EU) has described as reliable, Ghana’s Supreme Court Election Petition verdict presented to it by the 2020 NDC flagbearer, John Mahama, challenging the outcome of the election.

The EU Chief Election Observer Javier Nart commenting on the processes leading to the court’s decision said, “We have full confidence in the procedure and the legitimacy of the courts in Ghana.

“So the decision of the court, we accept it because we think it is reliable and acceptable and was proceeded in a normal and neutral way.”

The EU also reiterated its stance that the 2020 election was free and fair and competitive although it added that the election was characterised by abuse of incumbency, misuse of state resources and vote-buying.

“The election was efficiently organised, that they were competitive and that the processes meet a range of international standards.

“Voters participated freely and in large numbers and the overall conduct of the polls were assessed positively in 95% of the polling stations observed”, Javier Nart added.

He stressed, “However shortcomings were observed, these include the misuse of State resources for election purposes, the abuse of incumbency, vote-buying and unregulated campaign finances.”

The European Union Election Observer Mission has recommended that the Electoral Commission must publish all polling station results and other collation centre results on its website before the deadline for the filing of election petitions in the future.

They want the country to also introduce a law on campaign financing and introduce quota for women to hold public office and also limit the role of the NCA in the authorization and revocation of licenses of media houses and this power transfered to an empowered National Media Commission.