Immigration officials at the Sogakope checkpoint on Monday intercepted three vans carrying foreigners heading to Accra and were returned to the Aflao sector command.

The foreigners mostly Nigerians, Togolese and Beninese nationals upon further interrogation by immigration officials revealed that they made their way through unapproved routes into Ghana knowing the main border has been closed to human traffic.

Their plan to secure a haven in Ghana’s capital, Accra was aborted through the vigilance of joint security scrutiny. All 29 persons were youth of ages ranging between 18 to 45years.

“I board the car at Abor heading to Ada when we were arrested and returned to Aflao,” one of the passengers said.

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo gave an order for all borders to be closed for two weeks as part of measures to halt the import of the deadly Coronavirus as the country battle the increasing cases.

A week after that drastic decision, some major cities were lockdown to curtail the spread from entering other regions.

So far, 10 citizens of Benin who made their way through the country’s northern border tested positive to the Covid-19 disease raising eyebrows on the porous borders.

The Chief Supt of Immigration of the Aflao Command Fred Duodu said “our major challenge is accommodation for the large numbers we keep arresting. We are constraint with vehicles, motorbikes and fuel for our routine patrols at the beats”

So far all arrested persons have been detained after taken through medical screening to ensure any affected person is isolated.

Ghana’s COVID-19 case currently stands at 152 with 5 deaths and 2 recoveries.