Kumasi draught champion, Michael Abu has emerged as the winner of the maiden edition of the draught tournament, dubbed ‘Dame Akansie’.

The 25-year-old also known as Abu National beat off stiff competition from George Boakye, Yaw Antwi and Joshua Armah.

‘Dame Akansie’ was organised by the Ashanti Draught Association and sponsored by the Asantehene Otumfuor Osei Tutu II.

The event which took place at the Manhyia Palace drew participants from parts of the Ashanti region.

Abu received a trophy, a ¢5,000 cash prize, and a mattress. ¢3,000, ¢2,000, and ¢1,000 were given to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placed winners respectively. All the winners received a medal.

CEO of Agyaba Jewellery, Emmanuel Kwame Afriyie also gave 1,000 cedis to each of the winners.

Deputy Head of protocol, Manhyia Palace and CEO of Ashanti Broadcasting Corporation, Emmanuel Osei Sarfo revealed Otumfuor drew inspiration from golf to promote draught as a formidable national sport.

“He wants to give a facelift to the game of draught like he’s done to golf. He wants the game to become a national pride,” he said.

Representative of Otumfuor, Nana Saaman Nantwi II, hinted of a national event next year.

“Next year’s event, God willing, will be bigger and it’ll be for the whole nation,” he said.

President of the Ghana Draught Association, Nana Obeng Afriyie was hopeful Otumfuor’s support will court many Ghanaians to embrace the game.

“We were so happy when Otumfuor took it upon himself to promote the game.

“We hope everyone will come on board to uplift the game,” he said.

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