After armed robbers raided, beat and raped inmates and caretakers of the Lighthouse Christian Children’s Home, no authority has extended any help to them.

The administrator of the home, Bridget Miriam Ogoe who described the situation as traumatic said she is very sad and frustrated. She added that only the leaders of the Lighthouse Chapel which set up the orphanage has provided assistance.

Speaking to Joy FM’s Bernard Nasara Saibu on the Super Morning Show Wednesday, Madam Ogoe who could barely find the courage to repeat a narrative of what transpired in the home when the robbers raided there Monday dawn, she was expecting that at least, the Member of Parliament of the area as well as authorities of the District Assembly among others would call and sympathise with them and even extend help.

A number of inmates were defiled amidst severe beatings when armed men numbering about four stormed the ophanage Monday dawn. They also made away with items including computers, phones, decoders and some money.

The victims have been treated at the hospital and discharged.

She also expressed disappointment at the police of Aburi, saying they did not do much to help them. The police spent just about 30 minutes upon arriving at the scene and would not even listen to their plea for them to leave behind at least one personnel. The administrator says she was expecting them to do a lot more considering the state in which the victims were.

She vehemently discounted claims by the police that they didn’t know an orphanage existed in the area.

“You do not set up an orphanage without the knowledge of police, when the Aburi police gets orphans they bring them there. Are they saying they don’t know there’s an ophanage in Aburi?

“That’s a blatant lie…”