Adom TV’s newest television series, Bible Novela, was launched on Sunday, at the Adom TV studios.

The first episode of the series Mary Magdalene the Apostle was aired to the admiration of viewers who have, for some time now, been itching to watch the series since its coming-soon promo started airing.

Adom FM and TV host, Kwamena Idan, together with Bishop Yaw Owusu Ansah, delved deep into the life of Mary Magdalene at the launch and the impact it has had on followers of Christ and religion as a whole.

Bible Novela

The series will educate viewers on the life and character of persons whose roles the bible didn’t really capture.

The Sunday launch saw a number of bible scholars being spoken to live on air via zoom. Phone lines were opened for viewer and listener inputs.

From the feedback received from callers, it is clear Bible Novela will become the next biggest thing on television in Ghana.

Bible Novela will air ‘Mary Magdalene the Apostle’ very Sunday at 7:00 pm on Ghana’s number Akan language channel, Adom TV.