The third edition of the Africa Human Resources Innovation Awards has been launched by instinct Wave.

AHRIA 2020 is scheduled to come off at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on March 27.

The Awards Scheme which was formally Ghana Human Resources Innovation Awards was rebranded to Africa Human Resource Innovation Awards in order to cover the sub-region and bring together great minds in the HR industry across Africa.

Human Resources units play a pivotal and strategic role in sustaining organizational growth in a highly competitive global environment. The success of every organization lies in its human capital.

AHRIA in its third year will honour leading HR Professionals, organisations with top-notch HR models and practices and executives who have made sterling contributions to the corporate sector over the years.

AHRIA will also unveil top 50 HR Leaders across verticals in the sub-region.

Speaking on the rebranding of the awards scheme, Instinct Wave CEO, Akin Naphtal said that 2020 is indeed shaping up to be a truly generation-defining year across the spectrum – from politics to science, to the business world and beyond.

Indeed the year heralds a new focus for business leaders, “As Africa’s premium B2B event & media specialist, we are expanding some of our award schemes to cover the sub-region as well as catch up with the new wave in the business sector.

“This is the reason behind the rebranding of the awards scheme to AHRIA We are also glad to be have the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) on Board as a partner and a jury of AHRIA 2020,” he added

AHRIA 2020 is in partnership with the Commission.

The CEO of Fair Wages Commission, Dr Edward Kwapong expressed his excitement about partnering Instinct Wave, he said that the award scheme will raise the benchmark of excellence in the Industry.

“It was great having FWSC on board during the 2019 edition of the awards, I’m optimistic that it will be greater hosting a gathering of leading HR professionals from African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda.

“This will be a huge platform not only to reward the hard work of HR Professionals but also meet our counterparts from other countries to interact and learn one or two things to strengthen the socio-economic development of the nation”.

The gala night will be a gathering of key players and decision-makers in the industry from across the region.

The night provides an exceptional opportunity for stakeholders to network, entertain clients, and reinforce relationships with partners and reward staff with exceptional performance.

The awards promises to be a memorable one and the gala night will excite the industry in a fashionable manner.



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