A local start-up and agro-tech company, Agro Innova has been crowned the winner of the maiden “Outstanding Agro-Tech Company of the year award 2019/2020”.

The company which uses simple digital innovation to address challenges in agriculture was honoured for their work and efforts have contributed to the growth, success and development of Ghana’s agro-industry and agriculture sector.

The event which was held at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, saw a number of local companies as well as foreign organisations operating in the country receive different categories of award.

Agro Innova wins Outstanding Agro-Tech Company of the Year Award

Dubbed the Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards 2020, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye collaborated with stakeholders including Ghana Navy, Marine Police, Ghana Airforce as well as the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department to enable the sector Ministry and its agencies enforce the Fisheries Laws and Regulations within Ghana’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

“Observer missions were carried on all industrial fleet to reduce illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities,” she added.

The Chief Executive Officer of Agro Innova, Moses Mallaghan said over the years, the company had developed a poultry farm management software called ‘Akokotakra’ which enables Ghanaian poultry farmers to manage, analyze and make data driven decisions on their poultry business.

He mentioned that the company also operates an Akokomarket online shopping platform which connects poultry and livestock farmers to ready and guaranteed market by just dialing *713*83# or using the mobile app.

The CEO said the FBS Innova App, is a crop farm management App that comes with cropping calendar, financial recording, plot size registration, and an education hub to assist the smaller holder crop farmers in Africa.

Mr Mallaghan added that the company’s achievement highlights its contribution to the digitization and technology adoption agenda for Africa’s agriculture.

“It serves as a catalyst for the company to take on major projects and activities in the agritech landscape in Africa,” he said.

The CEO expressed his profound gratitude to the organisers of the award ceremony, staff of Agro Innova and its partners Mest Africa, GPP, CTA, Pitch Agrihack, Kosmos Innovation Center and the smallholder farmers they work with across Africa.

Other companies which received various awards include Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Yara Ghana, Crop Doctor Ghana Ltd, WAMCO, Nkulenu Industries Ltd, HortiFresh Exports, Daily Foods, JRA Enterprise, B-Bovid, Agriseed Ltd, Cocoa Research Institute, New Tafo, Begreen, Boss Baker Ghana and Addfra.

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