One of the leaders campaigning for an airport and harbour in Cape Coast, Abeiku Adams says he and other residents are shocked by President Akufo-Addo’s claims that the NPP never promised the city a harbour.

Speaking on Top Story, he said that this is an admission that the party lied to residents in Cape Coast prior to the election.

Mr Adams said that “it is actually shocking, it is surprising to hear such kind of contradiction from the President. For some of us personally it exposes the weakness in our system, and how unintentional our governance system is like in Ghana. It tells you that we are just doing anything anyhow for political gains that we may get from doing so.”

His comment comes after President Akufo-Addo, in an interview said that the Cape Coast Habour infrastructure project was never a part of the list of commitments for his second term.

“The commitment was never to a harbour; it was to a landing site,” he said on Cape Coast-based Eagle FM on Monday.

Justifying his statement, President Akufo-Addo referenced Page 88 of the NPP’s 2020 Manifesto, dubbed Leadership of Service: Protecting our Progress, Transforming Ghana for All.

Per the document, he outlined a few of the sites slated for the Central Region, which he said are at various stages of completion as far as Phase One is concerned.

The sites listed “involves Senya Berekum which is 92% nearly 93% complete, Elmina – 13% complete, Moree 78% complete, Winneba – 57% complete, Gomoa Fetteh 19% and Mumford 79 to 80% complete.”

The President clarified that the party actually pledged to put up a landing site as captured in the 2020 manifesto and earmarked for execution in 2022.

However, Mr Adams said that his fact check of the President claims showed that the harbour was indeed a promise labelled in the manifesto.

He stated that the landing sites the President stated were not the only development he promised the people of Cape Coast.

“Here is a situation we have a ruling party promising to build a harbour in Cape Coast and it is documented in their manifesto in page 160. The landing sites that the President claim to be the promise is also on page 88.”

“So it is not like Cape Coasters are confused or misconstruing anything. The two things are in the document, one cannot be replacing the other, it is just an attempt to deceive Cape Coasters. It is an admission that they lied to us,” he said.

Following the President’s statement, Mr Adams says he does not believe the government will also fulfil its promise of building an airport for Cape Coast.

He stated that for the five years the NPP has been in power there has been no development in Cape Coast.

“Everything has been done for the purpose of winning election. They started a common market in Cape Coast and as it stands now work has stalled. They started roads somewhere in Elmina and not more than one week after the election the contractor came to park everything. So there is that kind of distrust the politicians are placing in the minds of Ghanaians,” Mr Adams added.

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