We were unprepared when my wife suddenly started complaining of pains around her abdominal area. What started as an innocent complaint on November 1, 2019, kept us hospitalised for three months.

Recounting how it all started, my wife wrote, “On the 1st November I was given the second dose of my injections (Vincristine and doxorubicin).” According to her, afterwards she “was feeling severe abdominal pains and menstrual cramps…I have bled for more than two weeks.”

When these complaints of abdominal pains became recurring during the course of her treatment, it was thought of as part of the generalised body pains she was already going through. Therefore, not much attention was given to it but my wife’s health started deteriorating as a result of it. She was unable to eat. She could not bear the pain when food touched her stomach walls.

When the pain spiked, she became restless like a fish out of water. During this pain, she would beg the doctor and the nurses on duty to help her as she could not endure it anymore. For the most part, she was ignored. She would then walk from her bed to the nurses’ office in an attempt to plead with them. When she got lucky, a friendly nurse may assist her. Other times, when she was unsuccessful with the nurse, she tried to call Dr. Oseifosu on her private phone. When the doctor does not answer, she sends a text message.

Find some of my wife’s messages to the doctor below.

“I am bleeding with severe abdominal pain.”- 1st November, 2019.

“I am feeling severe stomach pains after eating. I told the nurses and they said I should inform you.” – 4th November, 2019.

“Doc, I am feeling weak.” – 4th November, 2019.

“Feeling weak and dizzy.” – 5th November, 2019.

“I am in severe stomach pain, eating is impossible; please help.” -12th November, 2019.

“Docs, please help me, the pain is too much especially today that you have done chemo at my back. Please when the pain is too much I find it difficult breathing and I become restless. I know you are helping me but still I am in pain, please help me.” – 24th December, 2019.

“Doc, please help me, the pain is too much, I beg you. I am feeling it in my ribs, back, and stomach, it is too much, I beg you!” – 24th December, 2019.

“Doc, please if I have done something wrong, forgive me. The pain is becoming too much. I beg you don’t give up on me.“ – 24th December, 2019.

Excerpt of the book ‘Dying Many Times…’


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Mr Akyena Brantuo consults on Corporate Communication, Broadcasting and Politics. Until his wife’s demise, he worked as a Senior Journalist with The Multimedia Group.