No affidavits sworn nor birth certificates presented, Ghanaian football lovers woke up one morning and decided to figure out what the names of their favourite players could mean. Not their actual meanings.

This experiment couldn’t have thrived anywhere other than, Twitter – the bi-weekly stage for absorbing trolls or celebrations depending on the outcome of each football match.

Here’s the approach. Take two or three names whose combination phonetically sounds like something in a local Ghanaian language.

Take this example, musician Kwesi Arthur has a noticeable catchphrase that precedes all of his songs. With that being said, does the tweet post below look familiar?

Tweeps adapted to this tactic, wonderfully.

My apologies in advance if you don’t understand any of the widely spoken local Ghanaian dialects because the following series of tweets would have made your day.

The few English versions that slip through will equally tickle a nerve or two.

'Ayew KiDi'n Mee?' - Fans make memes out of footballers' names
'Ayew KiDi'n Mee?' - Fans make memes out of footballers' names