Bashiru Hayford, head Coach of Ghana’s Under-20 female national team, the Black Princess has told that he has absolute faith that his players will make Ghana proud at the junior World Cup Tournament.

Even without his three key players all of whom have missed that 2014 World Cup due to injuries, Coach Bash says he has put in place a perfect plan B, which according to him will work to perfection hence his believe that the Princess will make Ghanaians proud.

According to Bashiru Hayford the Princess will head into the Tournament in August with plenty of confidence to make a big impact.
He has declared that Ghana cannot wait to take on Canada, DPR Korea and Finland and the rest of the World in the World Cup Tournament.

“We feel good, we are very up for this Tournament” he told
“We have earned the right to be there. We feel very motivated. No one can beat us in terms of desire and, if we do things well, we feel we have a good chance to surprise the entire World”.

“We need to do things well, try to take our chances in the games and Ghana will make the big news in Canada better than we have ever done in this competition” he said.

On which players would probably form Ghana’s first team in Canada, Coach Bash said “Whoever playswill do a good job. We will try and urge them on, holding up our scarves, and I am sure that the team will live up to the occasion. The team deserves support”.

Ghana’s Squad 
Beatrice Ntiwaa Nketia (Hasaacas Ladies)
Victoria Agyei Antwi (Fabulous Ladies)
Rose Teye Baah (Samira Ladies)


Rebecca Asante (Reformers)
Edem Atovor (Lady Strikers)
Faustina Ampah (Blessed Ladies)
Grace Adams (Reformers)
Cynthia Boakye Yiadom (Fabulous Ladies)
Rita Darko (Mawuena Ladies)
Linda Smith (Lady Strikers)
Ellen Coleman (Lady Strikers)

Rasheeda Abdul-Rahman (Lepo Ladies)
Fatima Alhassan (Hasaacas Ladies)
Priscilla Okyere (Fabulous Ladies)
Jennifer Cudjoe (Hasaacas Ladies)
Alice Kusi (Fabulous Ladies)
Wasila Diwura-Soale (Hasaacas Ladies)
Alberta Asante (La Ladies)
Sherifatu Sumaila (Lepo Ladies)
Alice Eva Danso (Police Ladies)

Veronica Appiah (Hasaacas Ladies)
Christiana Boateng (Inter Royals)
Theresa Ackon-Cobbinah (Bafana Ladies)


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