Breast Care International (BCI) in collaboration with Peace and Love Hospitals have received donation of quantities of anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-neoplastic, anti-cancer, high cholesterol and other drugs from Direct Relief in Califonia, USA to assist needy patients in Ghana.

BCI and Direct Relief of USA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the goal to have essential medicines from the USA provided to Ghana, purposely for needy but poor patients.

In pursuance of the MOU, BCI and Peace and Love Hospitals are pleased to present essential medicines to selected health facilities, the statement added.

The drugs have an average wholesale value in the United States of approximately $2 million.

"In compliance with the wish of the donors, BCI and Peace and Love Hospital are distributing the attached list of medicines to be administered to needy patients receiving medical treatment at various health facilities within Ghana for free.

"BCI acknowledges the invaluable assistance of all individuals and institutions who in diverse ways ensured that the medicines were safely delivered in Ghana.

"It is anticipated that these donated drugs will be used to treat patients at no cost to them," the statement emphasized.

"Finally, we advise that proper records on these drugs received and administered to needy patients by the beneficiary institutions would be kept to enable BCI furnish the donors with the required data on the management of the medicines in Ghana."