Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu has charged government to be forthright with Ghanaians on the current power situation.

This follows the erratic power supply being experienced in parts of the country even though government has denied that ‘dumsor’ is back.

The Energy Minister with power distribution managers insist the current situation is due to ongoing works.

But the Minority Leader, in an interview with JoyNews’ Elton Brobbey says it is time for government to be more candid with the people of Ghana.

“Energy security and energy efficiency are critical, not just for individual lives but its impact on the corporate world and the private sector can be depilating if we are not able to avoid another ‘dumsor’.

“But what government needs to do, is to be candid, they should speak with some fidelity that this is the state of affairs and this is how we intend to walk edges and paths of an imminent and unavoidable energy crisis,” he said.

The Tamale South legislator said what happened during the peak of the power crisis in previous years had to do with power generation and the Mahama government worked earnestly to fix the issue.

“What is warranting this problem may be a different issue altogether, in one breadth are we to believe that the effect of problems with transmission or are we also to believe that independent power producers are not being paid and paid adequately, or they are not getting enough good tariffs to justify the production.

“Government must speak with clarity. They owe the Ghanaian people a certain sincerity and honesty as to what the nature and character of the energy crisis is,” he said.