The Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Julian Kingsley Opuni, says it is about time business ethics, in general, be highlighted at all higher education levels.

He believes this will ensure that graduates remain relevant to the job market.

According to him, ethical considerations have come to constitute a major aspect of recruitment criteria for most business organisations in recent times.

This, he says, has contributed to the trend where contemporary recruitment decisions being made by Human Resource Directors “are hinged on candidates displaying the right attitude and an inclination towards discipline and ethical integrity.”

“These qualities carry more weight in recruitment and promotion decisions than impressive grades and qualifying certificates or even technical acumen,” he said.

He explained that if these ethics are “taught, explained and practicalised during higher education, it will cause a paradigm shift and expose our students to the importance of ethical behaviour.

“This is imperative to their success in the world of work, especially in a highly regulated industry like banking.”

In recognisance of this emerging trend, the MD of Fidelity Bank said his organisation, in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), have set up the Fidelity Banking Academy “to provide practical training to our interns and staff on the essentials of banking as well as the ethics of the profession.”

“In fact, together with the CIB, we have developed several modules on the Ghana Banking Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to ensure that trainees imbibe these ethics fully into their professional and personal conduct,” he concluded.

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