Members of the Knights of Saint John International (736)  and Ladies Auxiliary (602) of Christ the King Parish, on Friday, October 18, 2019, donated 15 brand new hand sewing machines and two small boxes of sewing accessories to the Catholic Action for Street Children Drop-in Center at Laterbiokorshie.

Philip Kouro, Worthy President of the KSJI Commandery 736, said the donation is part of the group’s yearly donation to charity and also to share in Christ the King Parish’s mission.

“Every year as Knights of Saints John International and Ladies Auxiliary, we do charity work. The mission statement of Christ the King parish is that, every year, each society is asked to do charity work. Together with the parish’s mission, we decided to embark on this journey” he said.

He added that “the Parish Priest, Fr. Campbell asked us to visit Catholic Action for Street Children and so we put our resources together through contributions by members.”

The group has on previous occasions visited the Centre with food items and clothing but this particular donation seeks to equip those at the Centre to fish for themselves.

The items were received by Bro. Jos van Dinther, the Director of Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS).