Cocoa farmers in the Bodi district, in Western North Region, have expressed worry over dying cocoa trees.

Almost two-thirds of cocoa farms in the region have been affected by the harsh effect of the sun leaving the cocoa trees extremely dry with discoloured leaves.

A visit to some farming communities in the Bodi district like Ahibenso, L.L Nkwanta, Kae Atemuda, Eda W’anim, Yaayaso, Apennti, Ata ne Ata among others were records the same trend.

Speaking to Adom News, the farmers revealed how the strain of not being able to work on their cocoa farms has affected their lives.

“As farmers in this town, cocoa farming is the only thing we do, so once the cocoa trees are cut, it leaves you with nothing to do. It becomes extremely difficult to find enough money to buy food for our wives and children. This has made things really difficult for us financially,” narrated one of the farmers in Twi.

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) MP for Sefwi Bodi, Sampson Ahi has categorically stated that the method used for cocoa rehabilitation by New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) government has deepened the woes of cocoa farmers, and believes the government could have used better measures to address the situation.