The Member of Parliament for Tamale North says recent concerns from Sam Jonah are meant to re-echo the failure of the incumbent and previous governments to address issues such as corruption.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday, Alhassan Suhuyini stated that the statesman’s view of Ghana’s deliberate decision to not fight issues of corruption is not out of place.

However, it is no news.

“I don’t think Sam Jonah said anything wrong or new. Nothing that we are all not aware of. He spoke about the economy. He spoke about the debt burden that we all know about and any businessman should be worried – any investor looking at the debt burden,” he said.

According to Alhassan Suhuyini, issues regarding the country’s inability to combat illegal mining, debt crisis among others as raised by Sam Jonah require immediate attention.

He also explained that the governing administration led by President Akufo-Addo has proven to be intolerant in receiving criticisms on what it has failed to do right unlike the erstwhile John Mahama administration.

“I believe that the NDC tends to be more tolerant and more accommodating of criticism. I believe the reason the voices are at the crescendo when the NDC is in power is because people feel comfortable enough to criticize and still get a pat on the shoulder from those that they criticized unlike what happens especially under this NPP government.

“I keep talking about the difference between this NPP government and the NPP governments we have seen. This particular one is like none we have seen,” he added.

His comments come briefly after Sam Jonah during a Rotary meeting indicated that governments pay lip service to anti-corruption but do little substantially to cure the canker.

According to him, the growing cases of corruption can be attributed to the failure of state security in punishing perpetrators to serve as a deterrent.

“As a friend of mine will say, the problem with corruption is not the absence of laws, but the certainty of punishment. Sadly, there is rather a certainty that corrupt people especially in high places will never face punishment. And this has bred impunity in those who would rather take it all for themselves through dubious means than serve the common good,” he stated.