An Accra High Court has awarded the cost of GH₵250,000 against Daily Post, a Ghanaian-based newspaper for defamation. 

This was upon a case filed by the former Deputy Minister for Communications George Andah upon a publication by the newspaper that sought to implicate the former minister of causing financial loss to the State.

According to a publication on Friday, October 27, 2017, the former Communication Minister was to be held responsible for negotiating a $2.5 million deal to procure a GPS application for the national postal address system leading to a financial loss to the State.

But the former Minister denied any knowledge of the processes leading to the deal.

The court has ruled that the newspaper had failed to substantiate allegations with any evidence whatsoever and by the posturing of the newspaper through the publication had only sought to denigrate the character of the plaintiff.

Hence, have been asked to pay GH₵200,000 for damages caused the plaintiff.

Additionally, a cost of ₵50,000 was slapped against the media outlet for failing to attend hearings in blatant disregard for the gravity of the case.