The Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service has advised against any attempt by some Ghanaians to embark on a demonstration.

Dr Aboagye DaCosta said at a time when health officials are doing everything possible to protect citizens from the Covid-19 pandemic infections, such a gathering is likely to prompt a third wave.

He said the country is making gains in the fight against Covid-19 and any super spreader activity such as large gatherings of a demonstration should not be encouraged.

Demonstrations have the risk of spreading Covid-19 and for this reason, it will be a stab at the back against health workers effort in fighting the pandemic if the #FixTheCountry demonstration goes ahead.

Speaking to Joy News on Friday, Dr Aboagye DaCosta advised that just as the protocols forbid churches and religious groups from organising conventions and other large gathering events.

He said it will be disastrous to entertain any demonstration which has the potential to bring a third wave in the country.

“We should not joke with covid and its associated third wave which is claiming lives in India and other countries. He narrated.

Honestly, this is the time for all of us to come together to eliminate Covid-19 as the infections are coming down and the second phase vaccination about to start.

It is not time to promote actives that can spread Covid-19. One of the protocols says avoid crowded places and events.

It is simply not right for us to use social media to cause the arrest of leaders of the Christ embassy in engaging a large gathering and turn around to use the same medium to call on other groups to embark on another large gathering demonstration or activity.

“No! No!. No!” he exclaimed.

This is not the time to engage in any risk behaviour activity which has the propensity to spread the virus. This must not be tolerated, Dr Da Costa warned.

He called on the Ghana Medical Association, Occupy Ghana, Christian Council and others who were vocal in calling for the arrest of those who breached protocols to advise the FixTheCountry demonstrators for the sake of covid-19 and the struggles our health workers have gone through.

We cannot sit down to look on when we know that such a demonstration is likely to make Covid-19 cases rise. He advocated for the protection of the gains of Covid-19.

It will be recalled that the Ghana Police Service secured a restraining order from a High Court to bar some agitated youth from embarking on a planned protest this Sunday.

This was shortly after the National Security Coordinator, Albert Kan-Dapaah met convenors of the #FixTheCountry movement on Thursday to discuss concerns raised during the social media uproar.

The order, granted by Justice Ruby Aryeetey, prevents the group from proceeding with the protest march on the said day “or any other date until the restriction on public gathering is lifted.”

Despite an injunction secured by the police against the #FixTheCountry demonstration slated for May 9, the youth are unperturbed and While lamenting the setback in taking their concerns onto the street, the sympathisers have adopted a different approach by going back to where it all started – Twitter.

A hashtag, #NameAndShame has been created to share their sentiments.