Senior Vice President of IMANI-Africa, Kofi Bentil has taken to his Facebook page to educate pastors and prophets on the recent directive for pastors to be measured in their prophecies.

Addressing the Christian Religious leaders in the post, he said, “Dear Osofo, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) hasn’t said don’t prophesy ooo. Just make sure it is not illegal!!”

Ahead of the 31st night vigil, the Ghana Police Service cautioned against prophecies that may cause fear and panic during the watch night services.

In a statement, the Police Service urged religious leaders to ensure their prophecies do not injure the right of others and the public interest.

The statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Supt. Alexander Kwaku Obeng explained that in Ghana, it is a crime to deliberately communicate false or misleading information which is likely to prejudice or disturb public peace when that person has no evidence. Hence, sanctions will be applied to anyone who went contrary to the directive.

This decision by the police was greeted with mixed reactions as a section of the public welcomed the news in good faith while others, including some pastors, openly criticised the service for the decision.

Wading into the conversation, Mr Bentil contended that “if [the prophecy] is illegal, it is NOT a prophecy, it’s crime.

“If your problem is that your prophecy is potentially illegal, then please your Bible says the Spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet, so exercise order!! For God is not the author of confusion !! You cannot have a problem with caution to do what’s right!!,” he added.

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