Emelia Brobbey (Credit: Instagram - @emeliabrobbey)

Actress Emelia Brobbey says demand for local movies across the country has declined.

She said this has contributed to the reduction in the production of movies by creators.

In an interview on Class FM, she stated that unless people demand the content, hardly would any producer wants to make a movie only to have a few eyes watching.

“You guys need to demand for Ghanaian movies and we will produce for you. We don’t want to produce and you won’t buy it and you will be watching different content altogether.”

Emelia Brobbey stated that it is disheartening for producers and executives to invest money for a movie and have go to waste.

“I think the demand is very low. What can we do about the demand? How can Ghanaians love Ghanaian movies again?” she questioned.

The actress added that if Ghanaians begin to demand for the movies producers will begin to engage creators for more content.