Security expert at the West African Network for Peace Building (WANEP) Justin Bayor has raised concern about the latest discovery of arms and ammunition in the Ashanti region.

Mr. Bayor says the regularity of the discovery of arms and ammunition could be politically motivated.

This comes after police found 130 cartridges in an abandoned house in Kumasi. Occupants of the structure of the building were picked up by the police over the theft of a motor bicycle which led to a search and discovery of the ammunition.

Occupants could however not disclose the source of the weapons.

Mr. Bayor disclosed to JOYNEWS that Kumasi has consistently been recording an increase in criminal activities between January to June, whereas Accra has rather seen a decline under the same period.

The ease with which the ammunitions are obtained, is said to be having an impact on the trend of violence the region, according to Mr. Bayor.

“We have also seen an increase in the murders, we don’t know what those ones are related to but we do believe some of them are politically motivated,” the security expert said.

Public Relations Officer of the Ashanti Regional Police Command, ASP Mohammed Tanko stated that the ammunitions could be traced to the weapons used in committing crime in the region in recent times.