The Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU) has urged the public to disregard any recent reports about upward adjustments in transportation fares.

According to the Union, it has noticed a statement released by some three driver unions giving indication of an increase in transport fares.

The GPRTU identified the unions as; True Drivers Union, Concerned Drivers Union and the Ghana Committed Drivers Union.

The GPRTU explained that the supposed increase in transport fares is “palpably false, malicious and targeted to create disaffection and confusion within the driver unions”.

It further noted that together with the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council, they are the only recognized unions mandated to negotiate public transport fares on behalf of all transport operators.

“We urge the Regional Coordinating Councils across the country to ensure that Transport Operators within their jurisdictions comply with the existing Transport fares,” a statement released by the Union dated July 13 advised.

In June, GPRTU announced that it will be adjusting transportation fares upwards.

According to the Union, the move has become inevitable following a series of increments of fuel prices at the pumps.

Speaking to JoyNews’, the Union’s Spokesperson, Abass Imoro said GPRTU has begun a sensitisation programme to prepare the public ahead of the increase.

 “We want to prepare their minds and if nothing is being done, we cannot stabilise the price and when it gets to the 10% threshold, we will come out with another upward adjustment.

“If we don’t do this, we won’t have it easy,” he told host Evans Mensah.

However, the Union maintained per its recent statement that it has not yet increased transport fares.