Ecobank Ghana has donated 100 laptops to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) at a presentation ceremony held in Kumasi on Thursday, November 18, 2021. The donation is to aid learning and research on campus.

The donation is the first batch of 300 scheduled laptops and is in fulfilment of the bank’s commitment to supporting the Vice Chancellor’s vision of providing laptops to less privileged students in the university.

Presenting the laptops on behalf of the bank, the Managing Director of Ecobank Ghana, Dan Sackey, said, “As a country, as a people and as a business, we have all had to evolve to face the challenges of Covid-19.

“Ecobank has embraced technology over the years and took a deliberate step earlier to invest in technology before COVID, and this has stood us in good stead, enabling us to serve our customers well in the wake of a pandemic.

“This donation, therefore, fully aligns with our objectives, and we are delighted at this opportunity to provide less privileged students with the required technical support to enhance learning and research.

“We see this as an opportunity to invest in the nation’s younger generation, who, by virtue of their financial circumstances, cannot afford such essential gadgets to improve learning.

“We are today presenting to you 100 laptops to mark our commitment to this project with a further provision for 100 laptops every year for the next two years.

“We believe that this donation will go a long to ensure that we have an all-inclusive student’s participation in academia irrespective of financial status.

“We, therefore, count on the beneficiaries to put these laptops to good use, as they complete their various courses and venture into the commercial and government world of business.”

Additionally, Ecobank offers a suite of solutions that comprehensively address the financial needs of Educational Institutions.

From Creche to University, Ecobank provides Collection and Payment Solutions, Financing Solutions, Business Credit and Prepaid Cards, as well as Google My Business, to grow our customers’ online presence.

Ecobank donates 100 laptops to KNUST in support of less privileged students

In response, the Vice-Chancellor of KNUST, Professor Rita Akosua Dickson, who received the laptops on behalf of the university, said, “We are very excited about this donation because it fulfils our mandate we believe cannot be actualized all by ourselves.

“We intend to work with our partners and stakeholders to drive its achievement, and we see Ecobank as one of our true partners in this regard. So we do cherish and appreciate this commitment from Ecobank.

“These laptops will go to the brilliant but needy students through a very stringent screening process. We hope that the relationship between Ecobank and the beneficiaries will go beyond these laptops, with Ecobank even offering internship opportunities for these students.

“Indeed, we as an institution look forward very much to continuing to embrace this mutually beneficial relationship with the Bank”.

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