The National Spokesperson for Economic Fighters League, Nii Aryee Opare has stated that the posture of the three-member committee that probed the Ejura disturbance was not set towards finding justice for the slain social media activist, Mohammed Ibrahim popularly known as Kaaka.

Speaking on Joy News’ The Pulse on Monday, October 4, 2021, he said the committee report that came out affirms their earlier suspicion of bias.

“We saw that the posture of the committee was actually the one that is not set towards finding justice and we had our suspicion in the beginning that the final report that came out clearly justifies some of our reservations we had in the beginning that it was bias to some extent,” he told host Ayisha Ibrahim.

He noted that the Committee also overstepped their mandate by making certain specific pronouncement and taking on tasks which are supposed to be assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

“One of it was declaring some people guilty before they had the first trial..It means that you can’t make pronouncement until someone has had first trial, so then how do you declare someone guilty before the first trial?” he quizzed.

He added that “you find out that clearly 90 days before the murder of Kaaka, you find that crime scene investigators are now moving to the crime scene to start their investigations. This is after the 90 days have elapsed.”

According to Mr Aryee, the committee had no right to make a declaration into the murder of Kaaka since they do not have the facts set out.

“The mandate was to investigate and make recommendations of how to prevent those occurrences thus the disturbances that happened after Kaaka’s death. How then do you make a categorical statement that Kaaka’s death was actually not in relation to his social activism work? What investigation has gone into determining and coming to that conclusion?” he asked.

He also pointed out that “Kaaka’s wife actually asked if the sitting was in investigation into the death of Kaaka or into the occurrences after his death and they clearly said it was the occurrences after his death so you cannot make any specific statement where you will not have the facts of the investigation laid out.”

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